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On Trusting the Timing of Things

What lesson does the universe keep sliding in front of you these days?

For me, it's the title of this blog post. Whether in my own personal musings or in my work with coaching clients, I am reminded to be with what is here, right now. There can be such a temptation to dwell on the what-ifs or should-haves, or "wish I had known this then"s. But a growing, steady voice is now speaking up to counter that.

It's asking me, "Would you really have been ready for that truth back then?" And the honest answer is pretty consistently NO.

Rather than looking back in shame or frustration, what if I look back on those experiences with curiosity and compassion. What if I ask,

  • What lesson was I learning there?

  • What was I missing in that moment?

  • What was I not willing to admit to myself?

  • What about that time was actually really special?

  • How did that time bring me to this moment, now- and what's great about now?

Sometimes these deeper dives can be challenging, and we may not always have the time or space to take the plunge, but we can start to build that reflex in small practices. I shared with a dear friend many weeks ago, that to really ground in this practice of presence and trust, I have started to repeat a question and mantra to myself:

What if this, right now, is the key to it all?

While this probably rings melodramatic to some, I find that in the moment, it supports my embrace and acceptance of the situation and my emotions, and allows me to move forward with grace and confidence.

What resonates for you? How are you building trust in the timing of things? What is your connection to the present moment like?

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