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Coaching Services

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You in full bloom

Are you ready to make a change? To know yourself better? To set and achieve meaningful goals? To live as your highest self?  Individual Coaching is tailored to support you in this transformative work. Go session-by-session or invest in the Coaching Package to expand your journey. 

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Get unstuck

Intensives include 90 minutes of one-on-one time to get clarity into your pain point, devise an action plan, and three accountability check-ins of your choice (text or email).


If you've been feeling stuck on a goal area and not sure where to start- Intensives are for you. 

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Grow together

Community is powerful. Coming together with like-minded folks in pursuit of their highest selves is nothing short of transformative. Group Coaching opportunities open throughout the year, click below to learn more and be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about new opportunities!

Cost Information

Bringing coaching into the world in a financially accessible way is core to my personal values, which is why I offer sliding scales for almost all of my services:

  • Individual Coaching $45-$100 per 45 minute session (pay as you go)

  • Group Coaching Opportunities- sliding scale changes for each program


Intensives are the only set price service offering at $150 per session, as they are intended to be standalone, deep-dives with greater structure and accountability planning.


 Money should never be a barrier to getting the support you need. Please email me and we will work something out.

I pledge a portion of all fees to equity-focused organizations in the Pittsburgh region.

Have questions?

Let's talk. Schedule a free 30 minute exploratory session with me through the button below.

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